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The untold Tales of me (Alicia Snyman)

Alicia invited some people over for her meal. She requested roosterkoek (bread on an open fire) and boerewors (South African sausage). Obviously, we did not stop there. She had to hold me back to make sure we don’t end up with chops, steak, sosaties (skewers) and more. So, we settled for peri-peri chicken wings and bread and butter pudding to accompany the meal.

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Mentioned in the podcast, Roosterkoek is cooking bread dough on the braai (BBQ). The key is not to have your dough to runny as this might then fall through the grid of the braai and that would be one of the saddest things ever. In some supermarkets you can buy ready made dough but making your own is always better just to have a bit more of control. Starting ahead of time is key since the dough has to rise a few times.

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Baked Nigerian Jollof Rice & Chicken

As you might have heard in the podcast with Genevieve, usually you do not bake Jollof rice. You rather let it simmer over a low heat for a while. I however recently became a fan of Yewende Komolafe – a Nigerian lady who was asked by the New York Times to do her take on 10 Essential Nigerian recipes. Jollof was one of them. As she says in the video, she chooses to bake hers since it saves a lot of time. I agree. However, when I do it the right way, I’ll be sure to add the recipe to the blog.