The Untold Tales of what it takes to succeed as a working Nigerian lady

Oh my goodness I baked the jollof! Genevieve Bosah and I had a chat about rebranding yourself and a good laugh at my cheeky method of making Nigerian Jollof rice.  I recently became a fan of Yewende Komolafe – a Nigerian lady who was asked by the New York Times to do her take on 10 Essential Nigerian recipesJollof was one of them. As she says in the video, she chooses to bake hers since it saves a lot of time. I agree. 

As Genevieve mentions in the podcast she loves writing check out her articles called UP NEPA: The Pavlovian response to mediocrity and Talent is not enough. Genevieve was also recently nomitated by her students for the Student Choice award. Here is her ode to them

She also does a mentined her favourite film as Gladiator, where a good read for her was The Alchemist. 

Find the full recipe for the Jollof Rice and Chicken here.